Instruments and amplification

Pete Pritchard is proud to endorse ASHDOWN amplification, ROTOSOUND strings and MONO guitar cases and accessories.

 Pete and his gear

Pete uses a 300 watt combo with a 15" speaker for small venues. A 300 head with a 4x10 cab for medium venues, and links it all together for large venues.

The double bass is 3/4 size, made in Germany in 1990. It is fitted with a KK preamp, wing mike on the bridge and a transducer mike on the neck.

The preamp is fitted with separate volume and tone controls, to enable mixing of the two mikes.

Strings are by ROTOSOUND.

Bass guitar: Roundwound Swing bass 66.

Guages 45 - 105.

Double bass: RS 4000.

"The old faithful" [to the left] is a 1970 Fender Jazz bass. The latest addition is a 1980 pre-Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray. [to the right].